alright so i decided i’d make a follow forever since i haven’t done one in a while and if you’re here then just know that you’re just fab and i love you and even though i don’t talk to many of you i still think you’re amazing and tbh some of you make me laugh and smile so much idk i just love you so thank u for bein fab and keep bein fab you’re great rock on yall merry christmas :~)

im too lazy to put yall in alphabetical order i apologize but it’s the thought that counts i love you 

styelsh - harryedward - jamesniall - heyniam - zarry - ninihohoho - prinsasslou - cantbetamed - kidrauhl - stylesplanet - yeahstyles - rainbowfuze - tastyrainbows - sharrystyles - kkissyou - setfiretorains - narrythenight - nananarry - dunkaster - thehorangames - netherfields - booharry - loucifers - runningswild - harryspankme - xtrafactor - waylends - stylesmyking - agonizayn - jasonmras - mcguinesses - lordcheshire - augustushaze - tomlensons - tomlinsarse - paynut - haryes - holidaycocks - stunningbieber - ollymurs - deerstagram - cheekyniam - nipplefiesta - happinessishardtofind - starksfell - rockmafias - playedtilmyfingersbled - keatonstrombergs - christmasfuck - bradfrd - hecticsglow - endtochange - fuckingniall - zaynsnudes 

im so sorry if i missed anyone! i love youuuuu jingle bells we wish you a merry christmas etc!!! sendin my deep love to yall <3

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